July 7, 2013

Abracadabra!!! Its Pet Spectacula!!!!

Our Pet(s) of the month are Wesley and Ruby!

Thank you for making Stella your home!!











Wesley (aka “Little Man”)

Breed: Big, Brown, Sweet Chihuahua Pup

Hobbies: Licking carpet, peeing on leaves, barking at large dogs

Favorite Part of Living at Stella: Playing in the dog park, socializing with friends (human and canine)


Ruby (aka “Princess”)

Breed: Wooly, Black, Hybrid “Chiweenie” or “Dashalier” Pup

Hobbies: Giving kisses, chasing birds/squirrels, acting like a diva

Favorite Part of Living at Stella: Begging for treats at the front desk


Wesley and Ruby are honored to be named Stella’s Pets of the Month for October. They look forward to strutting around the property in their new costumes on Halloween!